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14/09/2009 Joystick Patch
     Adam Morissum write a patch memory.c.diff to fix axis trouble in the joystick code
Thanks to Adam.

03/09/2006 Some Changes
  • Memory.c: Add support for analog joystick: Thanks to "XWolf"
  • Code clean up (cpu.c, no more inline)
  • Compiler: Fix -malign => falign Warnings
  • Now zlib and bzlib required
05/02/2006 Build Fix
     New bugfix. Libz is now mandatory.

16/01/2006 Build Fix
     Here is a new version that fix a very nasty gcc4.0 bug.

15/01/2004 Build Fix
     Julien Delange make a patch that fix build problem on some architecture. Thanks Julien.

09/08/2003 Bug Mistake!!
     Just post a new version that fix a big mistake that prevent gngb to compile.
Please update.

07/08/2003 New release
     A new version is here with only few Fix. Big thanks to Ryan Underwood for his contribution. What's new:
  • Add Support for Bzip2 File
  • Fix a stupid mistake for zip file (on little endian plateform now it work)
  • Fix gcc 3.3 bug (Ryan Underwood)
  • Add a man page (Ryan Underwood)
  • Add buils script for debian package (Ryan Underwood)
  • Add an configure option --disable-compress-roms
Comment? Suggestion? Bug Report? here

09/05/2003 New release
     A new version is here with only few changes What's new:
  • Support gzip and unzip roms

19/08/2002 Bug fix release
     This release fix a stupid mistake in the color code (some HiColor demo didn't work anymore). Sorry :)

18/08/2002 Gngeo homepage
     Gngeo has now is own homepage:

15/08/2002 New release
     A new version is here. What's new:
  • Add a minimal menu system (TAB to open it)
  • Add some filter (--filter=X)
    • 1 = scanline
    • 2 = scanline 50%
    • 3 = smoothed
    • 4 = pseudo cell chading
    • 5 = merge the last frame with the current (smoothed animation)
  • Some fix here an there.

31/12/2001 New release
     A new version of gngb is online. Here is what's new:
  • Improve FrameSkip code (should be more accurate)
  • Opengl mode now resizable (as YUV)
  • Add SDL_OVERLAY_YUY2 support (use option yuv_type 1 )
  • Add support for getopt_long (ex: --sound)
Consult the ChangeLog for more info.